Rosalyn Wraight


Victories in Wrestling the Muse

In one form or another, I have spent majority of my life tussling with the muse. Sometimes, she's easily conquerable, but most of the time, it's simply a matter of persistence and a firm hand. I've managed to shake 1.7 million words (yes, I count) out of her to publish 35 books.

The ongoing Lesbian Adventure Club series consists of more than twenty-six titles, plus a prequel romance. It focuses on five couples, and you can find their blog here.

The Detective Laura McCallister mystery series includes four titles: Woman Justice, Secrets and Sins, Corpse Call, and The Watson Evidence. The fifth one teeters on a fine line between the waste can and the Can't Give Up Yet pile.

Squatter is a Paranormal Mystery. It has two sequels, Squatter 2 and Squatter 3. I'm debating a fourth.

I also like to write short stories. They give the quick thrill of victory. There are a few free ones out there and a small collection, Upend.

Where to Find My Books

You can find my books at a variety of retailers: Amazon has Kindle and paperback. My author page at Books2Read will give you links to various ebook retailers. There, you can also sign up to get an alert for new releases.

Anti-Social in a Social-Media World

I had a very dusty blog. I have a Facebook page that even I don't Like. If I have 280 characters to spare, they are going into a manuscript, not on the breath of a bird. (Seriously, what if there's a lifetime quota or something?) You'll find no selfies of me. There isn't a snapshot of what I had for breakfast this cloudy Tuesday. I don't post all over the place just to get my name and a link to show up.

By today's standard, then, I am blatantly anti-social. Frankly, self-promotion makes me queasy. It's just not in me, (a publisher's bane), and I really don't want you to read my books because you thought that bowl of steel-cut oats looked damn good. I wrestled the muse, but other than that, my books have little to do with me. They have everything to do with my characters, who should be strong enough to stand on their own without me propping them up. So... Humor me and go to this directory. Read some excerpts. If you like my characters, please buy my books. If you don't, trust me: I won't be sending out angry tweets.

And, finally, it needs to be said that being anti-social by these standards certainly does not mean I don't like people. It simply means I prefer things on a smaller, more personal scale, not a global one. If you'd care to say hello, offer a comment, ask a question, give me a better recipe for steel-cut oats, please feel free to contact me.